VP Operations Candidate: Sacha Lefebvre Magder

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How do you intend to make the SSMU building more accessible?20160226155645

It’s important to consult before starting projects. Once things are built, it’s harder to implement new accessibility options, so I intend to be involved from start to finish of every project.

Sacha suggests simple and practical changes within the building such as better wheelchair access, more plugs in the cafeteria for studying and increased lounge space.

In the debate you mentioned the link between environmental and economic sustainability. What other initiatives, along with working towards positive profits within the student-run cafe, could you initiate to make a good example of the importance of environmental sustainability?

One of the important facets of this position is that I will be the student representative to the McGill administration in respect to this building. I have the opportunity to create both short and long-term plans to change the energy sources we pull from and invest in a sustainable future for McGill.

Sacha recognizes the irony behind SSMU’s endorsement of Divest McGill while still utilizing fossil fuel resources, and hopes to utilize the pre-existing network of student advocacy groups to lobby the university and enact change.

What previous experience do you have that makes you a good fit for VP Operations?

My experience is non-traditional, working as a frosh coordinator and with student government at every level to bring important and outside knowledge to the position of VP Operations. I’m easy to communicate and get along with, have powerful negotiation skills, and am passionate, ambitious, and ready to get things done.


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